Have you seen Prada's 'smoking' shoes & bags from spring / summer 2012 new collection?!
The image is a hot pink lip that has a cigarette on the lip with its swirl accent!
I dont like smoking but these shoes are cute enough to wear.
The price of the shoe is pretty expensive; something around $900.
Some people say that this shoes encourage smoking, but i really dont think this way. I never smoked and never thought of smoking in my life. Nothing can change this, a pair of shoes? No way!
At this collection, you can find sandalls, heels & clutches. You can combine this heels with its matching bags. 
I prefer the black heel & clucth.
The thing i like about this shoes is that its design is different; and i'm bored of seeing one type of shoe models everywhere! So this is a nice shoe if you want to shine at a party! :D
You can combine these shoes with its clutch too! 

Fullhouse Theme Cafe Singapore Grand Opening

Hi Huneybees,

I first visited the Singapore branch of the Fullhouse Theme Cafe during my Wedding's 1st Anniversary. And recently, I was invited to their Grand Opening and I was surprised to find some new changes to the cafe, more decorations and the cafe felt so much more like home ~

A vintage Aston Martin Mini Cooper Classic pulls up at the front porch, a warm Victorian-inspired house, evergreen furniture in shades of cream and white, a collection of fine wine, photography and art pieces...
 As you stroll in the front porch, you are greeted warmly at the Tony's Party Room, with cozy lighting, tastefully done-up photographic pieces and a bar top facing a lush courtyard.
Yes, this is not fantasy - Fullhouse Theme Cafe has them all packed in at the Rendezvous Hotel Gallery, with the Fullhouse family, Daddy Thomas, Mummy Tracy, Children - Tiffani and Tony, as well as pet dog Toy as hosts.

How can me and my friends miss taking photos together at such a beautiful place right?

With CEO, Ace Chng, such a joyful man.
Left: CEO of Fullhouse Malaysia, Adam Swee
Right: CEO of Fullhouse Singapore, Ace Chng.
Official opening with the gracing of Lion Dance performance.

Huat Ah!

Up the flight of stairs, be pampered with Tracy's plush and romantically-decorated living/dining area with ministure plants, quirky clocks and plush sofas, and a bevy of "maids" waiting hand and foot while you dine on the host's delectable creations using the family's secret recipes.

And this day, Jen Su, our very own local designer got to have her clothes displayed in Tiffani's bedroom...
You are more tham welcome at Tiffani's delightful bedroom. Walk into an "all-girls" paradise for high tea. She would gladly shw her Spring/Summer purchase and her bed strewn with an eclectic collection of accessories. apparels and handbags!
Entertainment and parties are what keep the 5-Ts together. They do home movie screenings and host mini-concerts and events up to 70 in an entertainment room specially set up by Thomas.

Speech by Mr. Ace.
More of the Fullhouse family...
And on the Grand Opening, we got to hear the wonderful voices of Ms. Cheryl Wee, Singapore Idol finalist Mr. Gordrick Wong, and Ms. Elaine Lam.

A pic with the pretty Cheryl Wee. She reminds me so much of the TWINS.

Now Daddy would be busy every now and then with his business. Thomas has a study room where he meets up in private with his business associates and close aides. This is where he also keeps a myriad of fine wines and champagnes. He welcomes guests to sit in to enjoy quiet space for some deep thinking.

Fullhouse Theme Cafe brings new dimensions to the shopping and dining experience, with an edge in creating a dream home for all. It caters to Family Gatherings, High Tea Sessions, Shopping Thrills, Relaxing Meet-ups, Formal Meetings, Showcase of Artistic Talents - anything you desire can be done in The Dream House.

Psst, the iconic and adorable mascots of the 5-Ts - Thomas, Tracy, Tiffani and Tony will be touring  around Singapore, visitng the Singapore Flyer, Zoological Gardens, Bird Park, Merlion, and other major tourist sights, providing memorable photo opportunities for tourists.

Collaboration with Funnvee Hopper Bus will allow visitors to hop-off at the doorsteps of Fullhouse and enjoy the sumptuous food and delight in the plush cafe, view the wonderful photographic works and art creations of young, talented Singaporeans...

For more details, visit Fullhouse Singapore's Facebook Page here.


I ♥ Carlo Rino Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Hi Huneybees,

I was recently invited to the Carlo Rino Showroom and was introduced to their Spring Summer 2012 bags & wallets that will be launched progressively. Carlo Rino continues to enchants us with 6 new collections inspired by some our favourite things (*sings in tune to "Sound of Music"

This Spring Summer we continued our travels and burrowed through the dungeons of the vibrant and bustling city. We discovered new old school delights, ice-cream and rounded off our journey at a Nordic sandy beach, where we made new friends who inspired us! Our new girlfriends, Isabelle and Samantha played host to us and we were introduced to new smells, delightful colours and creatures. It was a wonderful holiday to the city!
Introducing the new friends made - Isabelle and Samantha...

Dainty Ditty
Inspired by the amazing chocolates we had under the sun, this signature collection carries the recognized Carlo Rino monograms and straps that looks like with the pink colours of our strawberry ice-cream! Desserts indulgence vintage-style!

Classic Catch
Isabelle and Samantha’s favourite collection! The girls were amazed by our personal collection of leather luggage. They shared ideas of playful block-colour play, just like those on the fun-looking big boats; Classic Catch is a full leather collection that comes in solid colour hues.

The bag's so easy to match with my outfit...

We were taking a ride in the bicycles of Isabelle and Samantha and stopped at the roadside for these amazing creamy butter cookies – Poshmod is a collection of playful dappled pink wallets and bags. Borne from our thoughtful selection of creamy pink shade in checks, to contrast with the lush red trims. This playful collection is a tribute to the delightful time tea and cookies! Trés Chic!

Dreamy links
Oh I am sentimental, so this is MY personal favourite MUST-HAVE because it reminds me of all my adventures. Dreamy links is a collection with all the trinkets on my bag to signify all my trips and everything important! It is with me on my every trip and keeps all my dreams all in one!

These are the special ones as the charms were sewn on and not printed on! Pretty eh?

Blushing Blooms
I will never forget my heritage flowers that bless me everywhere I go. This holiday, the flowers were similar to those at home; but instead of bright red, they were all pink and creamy, and the flower scent fills the air with it wonderful aroma… This collection, we have yummy soft ice-cream white luxurious leather and the delicate pink hues to colour every corner of the bags.

Rosy Ribbons
Inspired by one of Isabelle’s favourite dress when she tells us that she has to leave for something called work!! She brings us goodies whenever she returns from this work thing! We chose the patent red leather on the straps to match her sparky city-girl attitude!!

 Here are also the Special Collections dedicated to the girls; representing friendship, love, loyalty and fun at the beach!

City Flamingo
Picture a beautiful city girl enjoying the sun and the sand at the beach, with her long hair blowing in the wind, Isabelle epitomises my favourite ethereal graceful lady, my darling flamingo and I name this collection, the City Flamingo! Ha!
Ooh, just like Isabelle’s favourite flyaway scarf she always wears, just like my pink & brown leather trims wrap around the Carlo Rino monogram initials and appealing hearts - exuding all sense of ‘City Chic’!

Heart Tease Bag collection
Always ready with a wink, or the look that melts your heart, Samantha is always the naughty and cheeky sweetheart girl! We specially chose the happy pink heart to represent our charming teaser!

And not just those above, Carlo Rino offers much more...

Ok that’s all for now folks, till Carlo Rino's next adventure travels, continue to LIKE them at their facebook page for more goodies and interesting new updates from their travels!

I ♥ Carlo Rino
Thank you Carlo Rino for the Dreamy Links Wallet. I'm the first in Singapore to own it! :)